Petition to Office Of Education Accountability, Adrienne Southworth
Remove Obscenity From Our Schools

When we discovered obscene books in our libraries, we alerted the principals, went through the proper appeal process, and even brought them to the attention of our school board. The ...

Petition to Rep Steve Sheldon, Rep Michael Meredith
Parents Know Best.

Parents Know Best.Not everyone agrees.Kentucky Teachers Unions and government-run schools want control what, and how, your child learns.That’s why hundreds of angry teachers want to kill School Choice legislation (HB ...

Petition to Kentucky Legislature,
Ban Critical Race Theory in Kentucky Schools

Critical Race Theory teaches that American institutions, from education, culture, employment, and government are systematically racist and that one's skin color determines their worth as a human being. School systems across ...

The faculty senate is petitioning the university to mandate the covid-19 vaccine for all students, staff and faculty at UK. This is a COUNTER PETITION demanding the right to make ...

Petition to Legislators
Ban Critical Race Theory in Schools

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a belief that America at it's core is racist. It believes that equity and not equality is what is important. A theory that robs people ...

Petition to Fayette County Public Schools
FCPS Board Member Murphy to Step Down

Tyler Murphy is a member of the Fayette County Public School Board. He also sits on the board of the National Education Association (NEA). NEA is the largest teachers union ...