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Tell Representative McCoy it was wrong to allow vaccine mandates

Desiree Mass Desiree Mass · Nelson County, US
Tell Representative McCoy it was wrong to allow vaccine mandates

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Joe Biden is forcing many Americans to either take the new CoVid vaccine and booster shots, or lose their jobs and live in poverty. Representative McCoy had an opportunity to protect Kentuckians from his unconstitutional decree, but refused to vote against vaccine mandates in September 2021 special session. McCoy is silent when it comes to protecting your rights, but is on the front lines when it comes to raising your taxes and wasting your money.
In America, we should never have to worry about our government forcing a medical procedure on us. It should always be an individual choice. Representative Savannah Maddox has prefiled BR106, which would protect Kentuckians from medical tyranny. Unfortunately, Representative McCoy doesn’t think it is important and refuses to support this bill.
Sign this petition to tell McCoy that we expect our Representative to protect us from vaccine mandates. We are tired of politicians who are all talk and no action. My team will be personally delivering each signature to McCoy’s office in January.

Click this link to read BR106, and to see if other Representatives have signed on to file this crucial protective legislation. https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/record/22rs/prefiled/BR106.html
Who is your KY State Representative? Have they signed on to support this bill against mandatory vaccines and passports? Find your legislators here. https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/findyourlegislator/findyourlegislator.html

December 6, 2021
Letter to
State representative

Tell Representative McCoy it was wrong to allow vaccine mandates


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Desiree Mass
Desiree Mass
Started this petition 1 year ago

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999 needed to reach 1,000
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