Petition to Steve Sheldon, Michael Meredith

Tell Kentucky lawmakers to support school choice!

Tell Kentucky lawmakers to support school choice!

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Last year Kentucky passed the Education Opportunities Account law, which encourages donations to privately-funded scholarship programs (EOA’s) that help eligible families with education expenses, including private school tuition. This year House Bill 305 improves the EOA law by making it permanent, making it statewide, and raising eligibility requirements so more Kentucky families can choose the school that is the best fit for their child. The education establishment is trying hard to kill this bill and protect their monopoly. Please sign this petition and encourage members of Warren County’s state House of Representatives delegation to stand with Kentucky families by supporting HB 305.

February 4, 2022
Letter to
Kentucky House of Representatives, Steve Sheldon
Kentucky House of Representatives, Michael Meredith
Kentucky House of Representatives, Shawn McPherson
Kentucky House of Representatives, Jason Petrie
Kentucky House of Representatives, Patti Minter
Kentucky House of Representatives, Steve Riley

Tell Kentucky lawmakers to support school choice!


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Gary Houchens
Gary Houchens
Started this petition 1 year ago

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1 Supporter
999 needed to reach 1,000
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