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Censure Mitch’s Red Flag Betrayal Now!

Censure Mitch’s Red Flag Betrayal Now!

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In 2022 Senator Mitch McConnell led a group of fifteen Republican Senators to betray law abiding gun owners, and pass what the media terms the most significant gun control in 30 years.

The bill included 3/4 of a billion taxpayer dollars to bribe states to pass and expand Red Flag Gun Seizures, which allow a person’s guns to be taken without charge or conviction of a crime.

Republican legislatures in Florida and Indiana have already passed Red Flag Gun Seizure laws even before there were federal dollars ready to use as a bribe for them to do so, so this is a threat even to a pro-gun, Republican-led state.

We need to send a message to our local legislators as well as Mitch that we are not OK with being betrayed to the leftist gun grabbers, thus we are asking our local Republican party officials to censure Mitch McConnell for his betrayal.

Take Back Kentucky Petition:

To my local Republican Party: Censure Mitch McConnell’s betrayal in sending ¾ of a billion dollars to bribe states to pass Red Flag Gun Seizures! (S.2938, 2022)

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My Local Republican Party

Red Flag Censure Mitch's Betrayal Now!


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Take Back Kentucky
Take Back Kentucky
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3 Supporters
2,997 needed to reach 3,000
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