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Make China Pay Reparations for COVID-19

Nick Sortor Nick Sortor · Fayette County, KY, US

Make China Pay Reparations for COVID-19

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Economic in Lexington, Kentucky,

It is becoming increasingly clear that COVID-19 was manufactured by China who failed to alert the worldwide community when the virus escaped the Wuhan lab, causing massive detriment to the world's economy and killing over 3.5 MILLION people.

If China had properly alerted the world, outbound travel from China would have been immediately suspended and millions upon millions of deaths and irreparable economic damage could have been prevented. Instead however, China did the exact opposite and actually made whistle-blowers "disappear" in late 2019.

Tell governments from countries around the world to hold China accountable and make them pay for willfully releasing this carnage onto the world.


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World Governments

Make China Pay Reparations for COVID-19


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Nick Sortor Nick Sortor started this petition

8 months ago


Mark Feser
Mark Feser

Too many lies and deceit since day one on this. Day one goes back to 2014 when gain of function research was to be prohibited but continued.

Buddy Barkee
Buddy Barkee

They are responsible

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19 Supporters
49,981 needed to reach 50,000
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