Hold the Beshear Impeachment Committee Accountable!

Common citizens have had to put it all on the line because of the failures on the 2021 impeachment committee. On August 19th, a federal judge made a ruling that the spineless Republicans on the Beshear Impeachment Committee simply refused to do. US Circuit Court Judge Bertelsman ruled that the governor ignoring the duly passed laws by the legislature is “tyranny”.

Even with the complete lack of respect for the law the impeachment committee ruled that Governor Beshear attempting to criminally charge people (something that was only stopped by a federal court) for going to church was done in “good faith”. 

The Republican members had a majority on this committee. Republican Reps. Jason Nemes, Rep. Suzanne Miles, Rep. Ed Massey, and Rep. Kim King refused to protect Kentuckians’ rights from Beshear.

As Kentuckians suffer, they laugh thinking no one will remember and they’ll be able to hold onto office without a fight.

Below is a pre-drafted email. Feel free to use it or write your own. Just fill out the the form then click submit and your message will instantly be emailed to the four Republicans on the Beshear Impeachment Committee.

Legislators have set their email inboxes to block the words "impeach" and "impeachment", so don't use those in your subject!
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