Tell Legislators to Protect Medical Freedoms and Pass HB28

HB28 (formerly BR106) is a bill to end vaccine mandates in Kentucky. State bureaucrats want to put pressure on private employers to put in place the vaccine mandates they cannot. Everyone should have their own choices over their personal health free from government coercion and force. We must protect our citizens individual rights and close loopholes that tyrannical actors are exploiting.

Currently, HB28 is waiting for the House Committee on Committees to assign the bill into a committee. Getting the bill assigned into a committee is the first hurtle in passing this bill. Use the form below to send an email to all member of the House Committee on Committees members and demand they assign it to a committee.

Bill Progress

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UPDATE 1/20/22 3:30pm: The House Committee on Committees MUST assign HB28 to a committee before it can ever even be considered for a vote on the House Floor.

✅ Pre-filed by Rep. Savannah Maddox and Co-sponsors (Completed 8/27/2021)
✅ Introduced in House (Completed 1/4/2022)
⏳ Assigned to House Committee by Committee on Committees (IN PROGRESS)
🕖 Consideration by House Committee & Public Hearing Scheduled
🕗 Sent to House Floor for a Vote
🕘 Passed by House of Representatives

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