Medical Freedom

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Petition to The United States Congress
Stop the WHO Treaty Amendments!

If we don't stop the WHO treaty amendments, they will become LAW in all member nations including these United States. We will lose our sovereignty.

Petition to Kristal Howard
Kroger Punishes it’s Unvaxxed Employees

Kroger has decided to punish its unvaxxed employees, details here: https://news.yahoo.com/kroger-remove-covid-19-benefits-135705507.html We are working on an effective pushback campaign. We already shop there very little, only for things we can't get ...

We are a grass roots group of airline professionals dedicated to individual liberty. We believe that medical freedom accompanied by civil liberty are the fundamentals of a free society. Actions ...

Southwest Freedom Flyers is a grassroots collection of Southwest Airlines Employees fighting in opposition to vaccine mandates. We are an independent group but coordinating with an industry wide effort to preserve ...