5 petitions

Petition to My Local Republican Party
Censure Mitch’s Red Flag Betrayal Now!

In 2022 Senator Mitch McConnell led a group of fifteen Republican Senators to betray law abiding gun owners, and pass what the media terms the most significant gun control in ...

Petition to Donald J Trump, Richard Grenell
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – End this Chaos & Corruption

WE the People are tired of watching the County WE LOVE be DESTROYED by these Corrupt Traitors!  We collectively have had ENOUGH!  It is time for OUR Military, who has ...

Indiana Election Laws allow for counties to manage elections in the following manner. It is up to us to encourage Clark County officials to utilize them. We are not trying ...

Petition to CCCIA

This Petition is to DEMAND that the Clark County Commissioners implement the following to Clark County before the November 2022 election: Paper Ballots (we already have these and we want them ...

Petition to Kentucky State Legislature
Save Our Elections! Stop Runoff Elections!

News just broke that the establishment is trying to hijack our elections to make sure that the most well-funded Mitch McConnell shill always wins.  They plan to do this by switching ...