Grayson County, KY,
End the Omnibus Spending Bills
Petition to Thomas Massie, Rand Paul

For years our federal government has funded many different wasteful projects by ...

Jacob Clark 24 supporters 4
Lexington, Kentucky,
Ban Critical Race Theory in Schools
Petition to Legislators

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a belief that America at it's core ...

Andrew 194 supporters 61
Lexington, Kentucky,
Make China Pay Reparations for COVID-19
Petition to World Governments,

It is becoming increasingly clear that COVID-19 was manufactured by China who ...

Nick Sortor 20 supporters 2
Joe Biden Sucks
Petition to We The People

The media can not be trusted to give clear and accurate representation ...

Stevenson 112 supporters 25
Restore the “Sunrise Children’s Services” Contract
Petition to Andy Beshear

Sunrise Children's Service has been in business since 1859, and has held ...

Andrew 518 supporters 97
Let Them Breathe – Unmask The Children
Petition to Archdiocese of Louisville, Diocese of Lexington

As concerned members of our Diocesan community, we are respectfully requesting the ...

Nick Sortor 14 supporters 2
Lexington, Kentucky,
Arrest the Beshear-Backed Butcher
Petition to Franklin County Attorney, Kentucky Attorney General

On May 2nd, 2021, a woman at a rally in support of ...

TJ Roberts 257 supporters 95
Lexington, KY,
FCPS Board Member Murphy to Step Down
Petition to Fayette County Public Schools

Tyler Murphy is a member of the Fayette County Public School Board. ...

Andrew 435 supporters 163
Discipline Judge Shepherd!
Petition to Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission

Whereas, Judge Phillip Shepherd has abandoned the rule of law and Whereas, Judge ...

Andrew 1,438 supporters 62