Jefferson County, KY,
Parental Choice in the Archdiocese of Louisville
Petition to Dr. Mary Bowling

On August 23, by the order of the Supreme Court of the ...

ParentInThe Archdiocese 130 supporters 63
Petition to Congress,

Over the past several weeks, Joe Biden has repeatedly committed criminal dereliction ...

Nick Sortor 400 supporters 226
Stop Beshear’s Destruction of Small Business
Petition to Andy Beshear

Dear Governor Beshear, We are the voice of small businesses in Kentucky ...

Paul Trelc 81 supporters 37
Fayette County, KY,
Anti-mandate isn’t anti-vaxx. Let UK people make their own choice.
Petition to Robert S. DiPaola

The faculty senate is petitioning the university to mandate the covid-19 vaccine ...

Verity Moed 373 supporters 197
Hardin County, KY,
No mask or vaccine mandates in Hardin County Schools!
Petition to Mr. Charlie Wise, Ms. Dawn Johnson

Sign this petition to tell the Hardin County Board of Education that ...

Jacob Clark 37 supporters 14
Grayson County, KY,
No mask or vaccine mandates in Grayson County Schools!
Petition to Carolyn Thomason, Valeria Hayes

Sign this petition to tell the Grayson County Board of Education that ...

Jacob Clark 29 supporters 11
Grayson County, KY,
Tell Frankfort to Impeach Beshear!
Petition to David Osborne

Since March of 2020 we have watched Governor Andrew Beshear violate our ...

Jacob Clark 176 supporters 93
Petition School Boards to Require Lesson Plan TRANSPARENCY
Petition to Lance Pearson

Parents are given little insight into what their children are being taught ...

Lance Pearson 51 supporters 19
Require Constitution classes to be taught in high schools and mandatory for graduation
Petition to Tony Wheatley

Many of our social issues are caused by the lack of understanding ...

Tony Wheatley 74 supporters 39
Tell Representative Heavrin it was wrong to allow vaccine mandates!
Petition to Representative Heavrin

Washington DC has talked about forcing Americans to carry proof of COVID-19 ...

Jacob Clark 926 supporters 511
Grayson County, KY,
Tell Frankfort NO gas tax increase!
Petition to David Osborne, Robert Stivers

2020 was financially devastating to many. Now, gas prices are on the ...

Jacob Clark 69 supporters 23
Grayson County, KY,
Nullify ALL Federal Firearm Restrictions In Kentucky
Petition to David Osborne

The future of our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms has come ...

Jacob Clark 79 supporters 19