Remove Obscenity From Our Schools
Petition to Office Of Education Accountability, Adrienne Southworth

When we discovered obscene books in our libraries, we alerted the principals, ...

Beanie Geoghegan 134 supporters 106
Audit of Boone County Public School Libraries
Petition to Keith Collins, Maria Brown

The book "Lawn Boy" by Jonathan Evison, which graphically highlights pedophilia, was ...

Beanie Geoghegan 6 supporters 1
Franklin County, KY,
Ban Critical Race Theory in Kentucky Schools
Petition to Kentucky Legislature,

Critical Race Theory teaches that American institutions, from education, culture, employment, and ...

Kentucky Liberty 79 supporters 14
Spirit Flight Crews & Employees for Medical Freedom and Civil Liberties
Petition to SPA ALPA

We are a grass roots group of airline professionals dedicated to individual ...

Spirit Freedom Flyers 438 supporters 40
Warren County, KY,
Change the Law! No Vehicle Tax Increase
Petition to Rep. Steve Sheldon, Rep. Jason Petrie

Vehicle taxes are going up, unless you, and your Kentucky Legislators do ...

Tonja Tuttle 508 supporters 284
Parents Know Best.
Petition to Rep Steve Sheldon, Rep Michael Meredith

Parents Know Best.Not everyone agrees.Kentucky Teachers Unions and government-run schools want control ...

Tonja Tuttle 64 supporters 36
Jefferson County, KY,
Parental Choice in the Archdiocese of Louisville
Petition to Dr. Mary Bowling

On August 23, by the order of the Supreme Court of the ...

ParentInThe Archdiocese 130 supporters 63
Washington, DC,
Fire and arrest Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley
Petition to Joe Biden

In the book Peril by Bob Woodward, it is revealed that on ...

Ethan Harper 207 supporters 95
Fayette County, KY,
Anti-mandate isn’t anti-vaxx. Let UK people make their own choice.
Petition to Robert S. DiPaola

The faculty senate is petitioning the university to mandate the covid-19 vaccine ...

Verity Moed 373 supporters 197
Kroger Punishes it’s Unvaxxed Employees
Petition to Kristal Howard

Kroger has decided to punish its unvaxxed employees, details here: https://news.yahoo.com/kroger-remove-covid-19-benefits-135705507.html We are ...

Sally Oh 166 supporters 136
Petition School Boards to Require Lesson Plan TRANSPARENCY
Petition to Lance Pearson

Parents are given little insight into what their children are being taught ...

Lance Pearson 51 supporters 19
Letter of Opposition to COVID Vaccine Mandates
Petition to Hospital Administrators and Executives


Lance Pearson 411 supporters 242