Stop the WHO Treaty Amendments!
Petition to The United States Congress

If we don't stop the WHO treaty amendments, they will become LAW ...

KY Stands Up 9 supporters 4
Censure Mitch’s Red Flag Betrayal Now!
Petition to My Local Republican Party

In 2022 Senator Mitch McConnell led a group of fifteen Republican Senators ...

Take Back Kentucky 3 supporters
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – End this Chaos & Corruption
Petition to Donald J Trump, Richard Grenell

WE the People are tired of watching the County WE LOVE be ...

Lisa Hancock 20 supporters 11
Clark County, IN,
Clark County Petition for Paper Ballots, Paper Pollbooks, Hand Counted Fair Elections
Petition to Clark County Commissioners

Indiana Election Laws allow for counties to manage elections in the following ...

Clark County Citizens in Action 42 supporters 30
Clark County, IN,
Petition to CCCIA

This Petition is to DEMAND that the Clark County Commissioners implement the ...

We Free Ourselves 2 supporters 1
Save Our Elections! Stop Runoff Elections!
Petition to Kentucky State Legislature

News just broke that the establishment is trying to hijack our elections to ...

TJ Roberts 232 supporters 25
Audit of Boone County Public School Libraries
Petition to Keith Collins, Maria Brown

The book "Lawn Boy" by Jonathan Evison, which graphically highlights pedophilia, was ...

Beanie Geoghegan 7 supporters 2
Remove Obscenity From Our Schools
Petition to Office Of Education Accountability, Adrienne Southworth

When we discovered obscene books in our libraries, we alerted the principals, ...

Beanie Geoghegan 163 supporters 135
Parents Know Best.
Petition to Rep Steve Sheldon, Rep Michael Meredith

Parents Know Best.Not everyone agrees.Kentucky Teachers Unions and government-run schools want control ...

Tonja Tuttle 64 supporters 36
Move Kentucky HB51 now, our kids deserve it! Ban mask mandates in KY public schools
Petition to David Osborne

Our Kentucky kids need normalcy and they need US to make it ...

Carol Dixon 14 supporters 11
Warren County, KY,
Change the Law! No Vehicle Tax Increase
Petition to Rep. Steve Sheldon, Rep. Jason Petrie

Vehicle taxes are going up, unless you, and your Kentucky Legislators do ...

Tonja Tuttle 509 supporters 285
Franklin County, KY,
Ban Critical Race Theory in Kentucky Schools
Petition to Kentucky Legislature,

Critical Race Theory teaches that American institutions, from education, culture, employment, and ...

Kentucky Liberty 79 supporters 14